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Collection of comments from Thomas Südhof's colleagues.

"Thomas Südhof is a biomedical exceptionalist — like Babe Ruth was an exceptionalist in baseball, Leonard Bernstein in music, and Steve Jobs in computers."

Joseph Goldstein, MD, Nobel laureate and chair of molecular genetics at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas

"Thomas Südhof is a consummate citizen of science. His unrelenting curiosity, his collaborative spirit, his drive to ascertain the minute details of cellular workings, and his skill to carefully uncover these truths — taken together it's truly awe-inspiring."
Lloyd Minor, MD, dean of the Stanford School of Medicine

"I'm really thrilled and proud that we have such outstanding and amazing research going on in our department. Dr. Südhof's work has set the stage for a deep understanding of the complexities of neuronal communication. He's a great collaborator. We had really great interactions with him and his group. He's willing to help and to share data results."
Axel Brunger, PhD, professor and chair of molecular and cellular physiology and of neurology and neurological sciences at Stanford, who has been involved in a series of joint projects with Sudhof since he came to the university in 2008

"We're thrilled to see years of curiosity and persistence pay off for Tom with this terrific recognition. You know, what culminates in a Nobel Prize usually begins 20 or 30 years earlier, with a good idea and the guts to pursue it. HHMI likes to say that it supports people, not projects, and we join Stanford in toasting Tom and his collaborators for showing us the promise of basic research, fulfilled."
Erin O'Shea, PhD, vice president and chief scientific officer at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute

"Tom Sudhof has done brilliant work that lays a molecular basis for neuroscience and brain chemistry."
Roger Kornberg, PhD, professor of structural biology and the Mrs. George A. Winzer Professor in Medicine at Stanford

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