Visiting Faculty


PhD candidate,Wuhan University, Orthopaedics Surgery, 2009-present
MS, Wuhan University, Orthopaedics Surgery, 2009
MD, Wuhan University, Clinical Medicine, 2007

Contact Information:

Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford
Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection
1501 S. California Avenue
MC 5539 / Room 2118A
Palo Alto, California 94304

Phone: (650) 724-0495

Research Interests:

Basic researches mainly focus on targeted diagnosis and therapy in osteosarcoma with the development of optical based probes and drugs.

Recent Publications:

  1. Wu G, Wei L, Yu AX, Zhang M, Qi BW, Su K, Hu X, Wan J. Vasodilator-stimulated phosphoprotein regulates osteosarcoma cell migration. Oncology Reports. 2011, (In press)
  2. Hu X, Yu AX, Qi BW, Fu T, Wu G, Zhou M, Luo J, Xu JH. The expression and significance of IDH1 and P53 in osteosarcoma. J Exp Clin Cancer Res. 2010, 29: 43. PMID: 20459648.
  3. Hu X, Qi BW, Xu JH, Yu AX. Down-regulated IDH1 induces cell apoptosis via NF-kappa B pathway in osteosarcoma. Cancer Letters. 2011, October.(Submitted)
  4. Liu XB, Yu GR, Tao SX, Hu X. The effect of VSD on wound fibrosis. Chinese J Exp Surg.2010,Nov.(Accepted) (Chinese)
  5. Hu X, Tao SX, Yu AX, Yu GR, Liu XB. Anatomic Study and Clinical Application for the based Neuro-myocutaneous Compound Tissue Flap of Ulnaris Palmaris Thenar. J Postgraduates in Wuhan Univ. (Medicines Edition) 2010, 1(26): 152-158.
  6. Tao SX, Yu AX, Yu GR, Hu X, Liu XB,Liu C. Distal based muscle Flap of thenar for severe thumb soft tissue defection. CHINESE JOURNAL OF PLASTIC SURGERY. 2009 25(2) :147-148. (Chinese)
  7. Tao SX, YU GR, Zheng XH, Sun JY, HU X, Liu XB. Clinical Application of Neurectomy against Arthralgia of Hip. ANATOMY AND CLINICS.2008, 13(6) :412-414. (Chinese)
  8. Hu X, Yu GR, Tao SX, Liu XB,Zeng ZH, Liu C. The effect of VSD on wound vascularization. Journal of New Medicine.2008,4:211-216.(Chinese)