MIPS/Canary Trainees Council

We are very excited that a new MIPS/Canary Trainees Council was launched February 2018. We hope this council will be a great resource to trainees and faculty alike. In addition to running monthly socials, we will gather information on trainee needs that will be used to guide workshops and seminars throughout the year. More updates to follow soon.

Meet our Council!

Syamantak Khan, postdoc (Guilliem Pratx lab)
Brian Lee, postdoc (Joe DeSimone lab)
James Wang, postdoc (Kathy Ferrara lab)
Mackenzie Leigh Carlson, graduate student (Michelle James lab)
Kai Chang, graduate student (Jennifer Dionne lab)
Tingting Dai, graduate student (Jianghong Rao / Carolyn Bertozzi lab)
Jonathan Fisher, graduate student (Craig Levin lab)

Aims of MCTC

  • To enrich both the training and social experiences of MIPS and Canary trainees (any non academic faculty)
  • To give trainees a platform to voice their needs (e.g. scientific, professional, career, wellness, etc.) 
  • To act as a link between trainees and faculty to facilitate the above needs
  • To create a strong peer network amongst trainees
  • To strengthen the community for all members

Vision of MCTC

To acheive these aims, the MCTC will do the following: 

  • Organize monthly trainee socials 
  • Plan professional and personal development workshops based on trainee needs
  • Welcome new MIPS and Canary trainees to the community
  • Promote the accomplishments of MIPS and Canary research groups

Welcome to Stanford!

Check out the Introductory Booklet (attached below) to get all the insight, advice, explanations, and tidbits you'll need to know about navigating Stanford. And reach out to anyone on the Council with questions or advice of your own!