2004 Molecular Imaging Journal Club

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Date Title Lab/Clinic Presenter
Dec 29, 2004 Holiday - No Journal Club    
Dec 22, 2004 Holiday - No Journal Club    
Dec 15, 2004 Lecomte R. Technology challenges in small animal PET imaging. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 2004;527:157-165.   Frezghi Habte
Dec 8, 2004 Kircher MF, Weissleder R, Josephson L. A dual fluorochrome probe for imaging proteases. Bioconjug Chem. 2004 Mar-Apr;15(2):242-8.   Bengang Xing
Dec 1, 2004 Shapiro EM, Skrtic S, Sharer K, Hill JM, Dunbar CE, Koretsky AP. MRI detection of single particles for cellular imaging. PNAS 2004 Jul 27;101(30):10901-6. Lab Chenjie Xu
Nov 24, 2004 Smith-Jones PM, Solit DB, Akhurst T, Afroze F, Rosen N, Larson SM. Imaging the pharmacodynamics of HER2 degradation in response to Hsp90 inhibitors. Nat Biotechnol. 2004 Jun;22(6):701-6. Lab Olivier Gheysens
Nov 17, 2004 Adams GP, Shaller CC, Dadachova E, Simmons HH, Horak EM, Tesfaye A, Klein-Szanto AJ, Marks JD, Brechbiel MW, Weiner LM. A single treatment of yttrium-90-labeled CHX-A"-C6.5 diabody inhibits the growth of established human tumor xenografts in immunodeficient mice. Cancer Res. 2004 Sep 1;64(17):6200-6. Lab Murugesan Subbarayan
Nov 10, 2004 Uhrbom L, Nerio E, Holland EC. Dissecting tumor maintenance requirements using bioluminescence imaging of cell proliferation in a mouse glioma model. Nat Med. 2004 Nov;10(11):1257-1260. Lab Sumitaka Hasegawa
Nov 3, 2004
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Yu YA, Shabahang S, Timiryasova TM, Zhang Q, Beltz R, Gentschev I, Goebel W, Szalay AA. Visualization of tumors and metastases in live animals with bacteria and vaccinia virus encoding light-emitting proteins. Nat Biotechnol. 2004 Mar;22(3):313-20. Lab Meike Schipper
Oct 27, 2004 Wurmser AE, Nakashima K, Summers RG, Toni N, D'Amour KA, Lie DC, Gage FH. Cell fusion-independent differentiation of neural stem cells to the endothelial lineage. Nature. 2004 Jul 15;430(6997):350-6. Lab Paulmurugan Mamasamy
Oct 20, 2004
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Kang JH, Chung JK, Lee YJ, Shin JH, Jeong JM, Lee DS, Lee MC. Establishment of a human hepatocellular carcinoma cell line highly expressing sodium iodide symporter for radionuclide gene therapy. J Nucl Med. 2004 Sep;45(9):1571-6. Clinic Edison Chiu
Oct 13, 2004   Lab Sam Gambhir
Oct 6, 2004 Prout DL, Silverman RW, Chatziioannou A. Detector Concept for OPET- Combined PET and Optical Imaging System. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NUCLEAR SCIENCE 2004; 51(3):752-56. Lab Angela Foudray
Sept 29, 2004
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Serganova I, Doubrovin M, Vider J, Ponomarev V, Soghomonyan S, Beresten T, Ageyeva L, Serganov A, Cai S, Balatoni J, Blasberg R, anD Gelovan J. Molecular Imaging of Temporal Dynamics and Spatial Heterogeneity of Hypoxia-Inducible Factor-1 Signal Transduction Activity in Tumors in Living Mice. Cancer Research 2004; 64(17):6101-6108. Lab Pritha Ray
Sept 22, 2004
Tatsumi M, Engles JM, Ishimori T, Nicely O, Cohade C, Wahl RL. Intense (18)F-FDG uptake in brown fat can be reduced pharmacologically. J Nucl Med. 2004 Jul;45(7):1189-93. Clinic Adrienne Sage-el
Sept 15, 2004
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Voura EB, Jaiswal JK, Mattoussi H, Simon SM. Tracking metastatic tumor cell extravasation with quantum dot nanocrystals and fluorescence emission-scanning microscopy. Nat Med. 2004 Sep;10(9):993-8. Lab Abhijit De
Sept 8, 2004 Brown E, McKee T, diTomaso E, Pluen A, Seed B, Boucher Y, Jain RK. Dynamic imaging of collagen and its modulation in tumors in vivo using second-harmonic generation. Nat Med. 2003 Jun;9(6):796-800. Lab Ian Chen
Sept 1, 2004 McConathy J, Owens MJ, Kilts CD, Malveaux EJ, Camp VM, Votaw JR, Nemeroff CB, Goodman MM. Synthesis and biological evaluation of [11C]talopram and [11C]talsupram: candidate PET ligands for the norepinephrine transporter. Nucl Med Biol. 2004 Aug;31(6):705-18. Lab Ashot Kanamirayan
August 25, 2004
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Denis MC, Mahmood U, Benoist C, Mathis D, Weissleder R. Imaging inflammation of the pancreatic islets in type 1 diabetes.Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2004 Aug 10 [Epub ahead of print]. Clinic Zhen Cheng
August 18, 2004
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Ogawa M, Ishino S, Mukai T, Asano D, Teramoto N, Watabe H, Kudomi N, Shiomi M, Magata Y, Iida H, Saji H. (18)F-FDG accumulation in atherosclerotic plaques: immunohistochemical and PET imaging study. J Nucl Med. 2004 Jul;45(7):1245-50. Clinic Jeff Tseng
August 11, 2004 Liang Z, Wu T, Lou H, Yu X, Taichman SR, Lau SK, Nie S, Umbreit J, Shim H. Inhibition of Breast Cancer Metastasis by Selective Synthetic Polypeptide against CXCR4. Cancer Research 2004;64:4302?4308. Lab Yun Wu
August 4, 2004
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Gao X, Cui Y, Levenson RM, Chung LWK Nie S. In vivocancer targeting and imaging with semiconductor quantum dotsnology. Nature Biotech 2004. Lab Sean Chen
July 28, 2004
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Heckl S, Pipkorn R, Waldeck W, Spring H, Jenne J, von der Lieth CW, Corban-Wilhelm H, Debus J, Braun K. Intracellular visualization of prostate cancer using magnetic resonance imaging. Cancer Res. 2003 Aug 15;63(16):4766-72. Lab Yi-Shan Yang
July 21, 2004
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Lecomte R, Croteau E, Gauthier ME, Archambault M, Aliaga A, Rousseau J, Cadorette J, Leroux JD, Lepage MD, B?ard F, and Bentourkia M. Cardiac PET Imaging of Blood Flow, Metabolism, and Function in Normal and Infarcted Rats. IEEE 2004;51(3)969-704. Lab Peter Olcott
July 14, 2004
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Moadel RM, Nguyen AV, Lin EY, Lu P, Mani J, Blaufox MD, Pollard JW, Dadachova E. Positron emission tomography agent 2-deoxy-2-[18F]fluoro-D-glucose has a therapeutic potential in breast cancer. Breast Cancer Res. 2003;5(6):R199-205. Lab Mangal Dandekar
July 7, 2004
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Chung JH, Cho KJ, Lee SS, Baek HJ, Park JH, Cheon GJ, Choi CW, Lim SM. Overexpression of Glut1 in lymphoid follicles correlates with false-positive (18)F-FDG PET results in lung cancer staging. JNM 2004;45(6):999-1003. Lab Manish Patel
June 30, 2004
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Golman K, Ardenkjaer-Larsen JH, Petersson JS, Mansson S, Leunbach I. Molecular imaging with endogenous substances. PNAS 2003 Sep 2;100(18):10435-9. Lab Dirk Mayer
June 23, 2004 Cancelled: SNM 2004    
June 16, 2004
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Christian Cohade C, Osman M, Nakamoto Y, Marshall LT, Links JM, Fishman EK, and Wahl RL. Initial Experience with Oral Contrast in PET/CT: Phantom and Clinical Studies. J Nucl Med. 2003 Mar;44(3):412-6. Clinic Minal Vasanawala
June 9, 2004
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van Waarde A, Cobben DC, Suurmeijer AJ, Maas B, Vaalburg W, de Vries EF, Jager PL, Hoekstra HJ, Elsinga PH. Selectivity of 18F-FLT and 18F-FDG for differentiating tumor from inflammation in a rodent model. J Nucl Med. 2004 Apr;45(4):695-700. Lab Keon Wook Kang
June 2, 2004
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Graves EE, Ripoll J, Weissleder R, Ntziachristos V. A submillimeter resolution fluorescence molecular imaging system for small animal imaging. Med Phys. 2003 May;30(5):901-11. Clinic Jin Zhang
May 26, 2004
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Poptani H, Bansal N, Graham RA, Mancuso A, Nelson DS, Glickson JD. Detecting early response to cyclophosphamide treatment of RIF-1 tumors using selective multiple quantum spectroscopy (SelMQC) and dynamic contrast enhanced imaging. NMR Biomed. 2003 Apr;16(2):102-11. Lab Zachary Walls
May 19, 2004
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Freudenberg LS, Antoch G, Schutt P, Beyer T, Jentzen W, Muller SP, Gorges R, Nowrousian MR, Bockisch A, Debatin JF. FDG-PET/CT in re-staging of patients with lymphoma. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging 2004 Mar;31(3):325-9. Lab Carina Mari
May 12, 2004 Hoehn M, Kustermann E, Blunk J, Wiedermann D, Trapp T, Wecker S, Focking M, Arnold H, Hescheler J, Fleischmann BK, Schwindt W, Buhrle C. Monitoring of implanted stem cell migration in vivo: a highly resolved in vivo magnetic resonance imaging investigation of experimental stroke in rat. PNAS USA 2002;99(25):16267-72. Lab Pritha Ray
May 5, 2004
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Shimoji K, Ravasi L, Schmidt K, Soto-Montenegro ML, Esaki T, Seidel J, Jagoda E, Sokoloff L, Green MV, Eckelman WC. Measurement of cerebral glucose metabolic rates in the anesthetized rat by dynamic scanning with 18F-FDG, the ATLAS small animal PET scanner, and arterial blood sampling. J Nucl Med. 2004 Apr;45(4):665-72. Lab Chris Deroose
Apr 28, 2004
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Dresselaers T, Theys J, Nuyts S, Wouters B, de Bruijn E, Anne J, Lambin P, Van Hecke P, Landuyt W. Non-invasive 19F MR spectroscopy of 5-fluorocytosine to 5-fluorouracil conversion by recombinant Salmonella in tumours. Br J Cancer 2003;89(9):1796-801. Lab Andy Loening
Apr 21, 2004
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Barrington SF, Chambers J, Hallett WA, O'Doherty MJ, Roxburgh JC, Nunan TO. Comparison of sestamibi, thallium, echocardiography and PET for the detection of hibernating myocardium. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2004 Mar;31(3):355-61. Clinic Judy Kalinyak
Apr 14, 2004
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Hood JD, Bednarski M, Frausto R, Guccione S, Reisfeld RA, Xiang R, Cheresh DA. Tumor Regression by Targeted Gene Delivery to the Neovasculature. Science. 2002 Jun 28;296(5577):2404-7. Lab Sunetra Ray
Apr 7, 2004
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Yang DJ, Kim CG, Schechter NR, Azhdarinia A, Yu DF, Oh CS, Bryant JL, Won JJ, Kim EE, Podoloff DA. Imaging with 99mTc ECDG Targeted at the Multifunctional Glucose Transport System: Feasibility Study with Rodents. Radiology 2003;226(2):465-73. Lab Sam Gambhir
Mar 31, 2004
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Garkavtsev I, Kozin SV, Chernova O, Xu L, Winkler F, Brown E, Barnett GH & Jain RK. The candidate tumour suppressor protein ING4 regulates brain tumour growth and angiogenesis. Nature 2004;428:328-332. Lab Para Padmanabhan
Mar 24, 2004
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Yang DJ, Kim CG, Schechter NR, Azhdarinia A, Yu DF, Oh CS, Bryant JL, Won JJ, Kim EE, Podoloff DA. Imaging with 99mTc ECDG Targeted at the Multifunctional Glucose Transport System: Feasibility Study with Rodents. Radiology 2003;226:465-473.   Keon Wook Kang
Mar 17, 2004
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Alauddin MM, Shahinian A, Gordon EM, and Conti PS. Evaluation of 2'-Deoxy-2'-Flouro-5-Methyl-1-B-D-Arabinofuranosyluracil as a Potential Gene Imaging Agent for HSV-tk Expression In Vivo. Molecular Imaging 2002;1(2):74-81.   Zhen Cheng
Mar 10, 2004 Boucher L, Rodrigue S, Lecomte R, and Benard F. Respiratory Gating for 3-Dimensional PET of the Thorax: Feasibility and Initial Results. JNM 2004;45(2):214-219.    
Mar 3, 2004
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Kim S, Lim YT, Soltesz EG, De Grand AM, Lee J, Nakayama A, Parker JA, Mihaljevic T, Laurence RG, Dor DM, Cohn LH, Bawendi MG & Frangioni JV. Near-infrared fluorescent type II quantum dots for sentinel lymph node mapping. Nature Biotech 2004;22(1):93-97.    
Feb 25, 2004
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Tseng JC, Levin B, Hurtado A, Yee H, de Castro IP, M, Shamamian P, Jin R, Novick RP, Pellicer A & Meruelo D. Systemic tumor targeting and killing by Sindbis viral vectors. Nature Biotech 2004;22(1):70-77.    
Feb 18, 2004
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Kaste SC. Issues specific to implementing PET/CT for pediatric oncology: what we have learned along the way. Pediatric Radiology 2004.    
Feb 11, 2004
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Wahl RL, Siegel BA, Coleman RE, and Gatsonis CG. Prospective Multicenter Study of Axillary Nodal Staging by Positron Emission Tomography in Breast Cancer: A Report of the Staging Breast Cancer With PET Study Group. J Clin Oncol 2004;22:277-285.    
Feb 4, 2004
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Terskikh A, Fradkov A, Ermakova G, Zaraisky A, Tan P, Kajava AV, Zhao X, Lukyanov S, Matz M, Kim S, Weissman I, Siebert P. "Fluorescent Timer": Protein That Changes Color with Time. Science 2000;290:1585-1588.    
Jan 28, 2004
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Yamamoto Y, Nishiyama Y, Monden T; Matsumura Y; Satoh K, and Motoomi Ohkawa M.Clinical Usefulness of Fusion of 131I SPECT and CT Images in Patients with Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma. JNM 2003; 44(12):1905-10.    
Jan 21, 2004
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Luker G, Pica CM, Song J, Luker KE, and Piwnica-Worms D. Imaging 26S Proteasome Activity and Inhibition in Living Mice. Nature Med 2003 July;9(7)969-973.    
Jan 14, 2004
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Choi N, Fischman AJ, Niemierko A, Ryu J, Lynch T, Wain J, Wright C, Fidias P, Mathisen D. Int. Dose-response Relationship Between Probability of Pathologic Tumor Control and Glucose Metabolic Rate Measured With FDG PET After Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy in Locally Advanced Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer. Radiation Oncology Biol. Phys. 2002; 54(4):1024-1035.    
Jan 7, 2004
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Kircher MF, Allport JR, Graves EE, Love V, Josephson L, Lichtman AH, and Weissleder R. In Vivo High Resolution Three-Dimensional Imaging of Antigen-Specific Cytotoxic T-Lymphocyte Trafficking to Tumors1,2. Cancer Research 2003 Oct; 63:6838-6846.