2013 Molecular Imaging Journal Club

Day & Time: Thursday 12:00-1:00pm
Location: Edwards Seminar Room R358
Cycle: weekly alternation between clinical and basic science
Guidelines: Download the guidelines [ MS Word | PDF ]

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Date Title Lab/Clinic Presenter
Dec 19, 2013
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Zhang N, Francis KP, Prakash A, Ansaldi D. Enhanced detection of myeloperoxidase activity in deep tissues through luminescent excitation of near-infrared nanoparticles. Nat Med. 2013;19(4):500-5. Lab Xiaowei "Jovi" Ma, PhD
Dec 5, 2013
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Gu L, Hall DJ, Qin Z, Anglin E, Joo J, Mooney DJ, Howell SB, Sailor MJ. In vivo time-gated fluorescence imaging with biodegradable luminescent porous silicon nanoparticles. Nat Commun. 2013;4:2326. Lab Dominik Naczynski, PhD
Nov 21, 2013
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De Saint-Hubert M, Bauwens M, Deckers N, Drummen M, Douma K, Granton P, Hendrikx G, Kusters D, Bucerius J, Reutelingsperger CP, Mottaghy FM. In Vivo Molecular Imaging of Apoptosisand Necrosis in Atherosclerotic PlaquesUsing MicroSPECT-CT and MicroPET-CT Imaging. Mol Imaging Biol. 2013 Aug 24. Lab Alex Grant
Nov 7, 2013
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Thorek DL, Ogirala A, Beattie BJ, Grimm J. Quantitative imaging of disease signatures through radioactive decay signal conversion. Nat Med. 2013;19(10):1345-50. Lab Adam Shuhendler, PhD
Oct 24, 2013
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Lee J, Li M, Milwid J, Dunham J, Vinegoni C, Gorbatov R, Iwamoto Y, Wang F, Shen K, Hatfield K, Enger M, Shafiee S, McCormack E, Ebert BL, Weissleder R, Yarmush ML, Parekkadan B. Implantable microenvironments to attract hematopoietic stem/cancer cells. PNAS. 2012;109(48):19638-43. Lab Silvan Tuerkcan
June 20, 2013
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Afshar-Oromieh A, Malcher A, Eder M, Eisenhut M, Linhart HG, Hadaschik BA, Holland-Letz T, Giesel FL, Kratochwil C, Haufe S, Haberkorn U, Zechmann CM. PET imaging with a [68Ga]gallium-labelled PSMA ligand for the diagnosis of prostate cancer: biodistribution in humans and first evaluation of tumour lesions. Eur J Nucl Med Mol Imaging. 2013;40(4):486-95. Lab Ohad Ilovich, PhD
June 6, 2013
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Arjaans M, Oude Munnink TH, Oosting SF, Terwisscha van Scheltinga AG, Gietema JA, Garbacik ET, Timmer-Bosscha H, Lub-de Hooge MN, Schröder CP, de Vries EG. Bevacizumab-Induced Normalization of Blood Vessels in Tumors Hampers Antibody Uptake. Cancer Res. 2013 May 21. Lab Ohad Ilovich, PhD
May 23, 2013
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Han D, Zhu G, Wu C, Zhu Z, Chen T, Zhang X, and Tan W. Engineering a Cell-Surface Aptamer Circuit for Targeted and Amplified Photodynamic Cancer Therapy. ACS Nano. 2013;7(3):2312–2319. Lab Kyung-Hyun Lee, PhD
May 9, 2013
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Wang Y, Liu Y, Luehmann H, Xia X, Wan D, Cutler C, Xia Y. Radioluminescent gold nanocages with controlled radioactivity for real-time in vivo imaging. Nano Lett. 2013;13(2):581-5. Lab Kai Cheng, PhD
Apr 24, 2013
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Hoeben BA, Troost EG, Span PN, van Herpen CM, Bussink J, Oyen WJ, Kaanders JH. 18F-FLT PET During Radiotherapy or Chemoradiotherapy in Head and Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Is an Early Predictor of Outcome. JNM 2013;54(4):532-40. Lab Feng Lan, PhD
Apr 11, 2013
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Knoop K, Schwenk N, Dolp P, Willhauck MJ, Zischek C, Zach C, Hacker M, Göke B, Wagner E, Nelson PJ, Spitzweg C. Stromal Targeting of Sodium Iodide Symporter Using Mesenchymal Stem Cells Allows Enhanced Imaging and Therapy of Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Hum Gene Ther. 2013;24(3):306-16. Lab Feng Lan, PhD
Mar 28, 2013
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Grouls C, Hatting M, Rix A, Pochon S, Lederle W, Tardy I, Kuhl CK, Trautwein C, Kiessling F, Palmowski M. Liver Dysplasia: US Molecular Imaging with Targeted Contrast Agent Enables Early Assessment. Radiology. 2013 Jan 29. Lab Ferdinand Knieling, MS
Mar 14, 2013
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Fuchs K, Kohlhofer U, Quintanilla-Martinez L, Lamparter D, Köter I, Reischl G, Röcken M, Pichler BJ, Kneilling M. In Vivo Imaging of Cell Proliferation Enables the Detection of the Extent of Experimental Rheumatoid Arthritis by 3'-Deoxy-3' -18F-Fluorothymidine and Small-Animal PET. JNM 2013;54(1):151-8. Clinical Xiang Hu, PhD
Feb 28, 2013
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Habibollahi P, van den Berg NS, Kuruppu D, Loda M, Mahmood U. Metformin - an Adjunct Antineoplastic Therapy--Divergently Modulates Tumor Metabolism and Proliferation, Interfering with Early Response Prediction by 18F-FDG PET Imaging. JNM 2013;54(2):252-8. Clinical Tatianie Jackson, MD
Feb 14, 2013
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Razansky D, Harlaar NJ, Hillebrands JL, Taruttis A, Herzog E, Zeebregts CJ, van Dam GM, Ntziachristos V. Multispectral Optoacoustic Tomography of Matrix Metalloproteinase Activity in Vulnerable Human Carotid Plaques. Mol Imaging Biol. 2012 June; 14(3): 277–285. Lab Katie Wilson, PhD
Jan 31, 2013
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Yao J, Xia J, Maslov KI, Nasiriavanaki M, Tsytsarev V, Demchenko AV, Wang LV. Noninvasive photoacoustic computed tomography of mouse brain metabolism in vivo. Neuroimage. 2013 Jan 1;64:257-66. Lab Sarah Bohndiek, PhD
Jan 17, 2013 Cancelled