Visiting Faculty

Shuxian Meng, MD, PhD

Visiting Faculty, Cancer Molecular Imaging Chemistry Laboratory (CMICL)


BS, Dept. of Pharmacy, Tianjin Medical University, 1992
MMed, Dept. of Biomedical-Engineering, Tianjin Medical University, 2000
PhD, Dept. of Applied Chemistry, School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University, 2005

Honors & Awards:

National Science and Technology Progress Award ("studies on the synthesis of 2-cyanopyrazine"; 2nd Prize; principal investigator) 2005, Ministry of Education, China

Contact Information:

Research Interests:

  • Studies on synthetic technology and properties of biomedical material
  • Organic synthesis and development of fine chemicals including medicinal chemicals, dyes, pigments, agrochemicalS, additives and functional materials, and their Intermediates

Recent Publications:

  1. Huizhong Min, Shuxian Meng *, Yaqing Feng et al. Determination of Organic Residues in Macroreticular Resin, Chemical Industry and Engineering, 2010;27(3):232-235.
  2. Shuxian Meng, Yaqing Feng, Wenjin Li, et al. The Adsorption Effect of Quaternized Chitosan Derivatives on Bile Acid. Chinese Chemical Letters,2006;17(7):981-984.
  3. Shuxian Meng, Yaqing Feng, Zupei Liang, et al. Oxidizing cellulose to 2,3-dialdehyde cellulose by Sodium periodate. Transactions of Tianjin of Tianjin Univercity, 2005;11(4):250-254.
  4. Shuxian Meng, Yaqing Feng, Zupei Liang, et al. Oxidation and Adsorption Capability of Minicrystal Cellulose, Fine Chemical, 2005;22(2):85-87.
  5. Shuxian Meng, Xiaona Wen, Yaqing Feng, et al. Study on the Modification Surface Material of Heparinized Polyurethane, Journal Biomedical Engineering, 2004;21(4):597-601.
  6. Shuxian Meng, Yaqing Feng, Xianggao Li, et al. Study of Property of Heparinized Poly(vinyl alcohol), Fine Chemical, 2004;21(9):689-692.
  7. Shuxian Meng, Yaqing Feng, Xianggao Li, et al. Studies on the Structure and Characteristics of N-Methyldiethanol Amine Segmented Polyurethane, China Plastics, 2004;18(3):44-48.
  8. Shuxian Meng, Xiaona Wen, Xungao Qiu, et al. Study on the Mechanic Properties of Polyetherurethane, Chemical Industry and Engineering, 2002;19(1):129-132.
  9. Shuxian Meng, Xiaona Wen, Yaqing Feng et al. Study on Biocompatibity of Poly(Vinyl Alcohol), Journal of Tianjin University, 2003;36(4):473-477.