Jason Irwin

Director of Finance and Administration

Corrine Sanchez

Faculty Affairs Coordinator

Deborah Freitas

Associate Director of Finance and Administration

Stephanie Harrington

Residency and Fellowship Coordinator

Scott McAllister

Senior Financial Analyst

Danielle deLeon

Web Manager

Pauline Prater

HR and Facilities Manager

Adult Cardiac Surgery

Yesenia Perez

Executive Associate to Dr. Joseph Woo

Lisa Sarkisian

Administrative Associate to Dr. Craig Miller

Roberto Vargas

Cardiovascular Surgery Clinic Manager

Veronica Cendejas

Cardiothoracic Surgery Liaison

Hillary Hite

Associate to Dr. Joseph Woo

Justine Santiago

Admin Assoc to Drs. Michael Fischbein, JW MacArthur, Jack Boyd, and Anson Lee

Juan Ayala

Cardiothoracic Surgery Liaison

May Tan

Cardiothoracic Surgery Liaison

Diane Starrett

Admin Assoc to Dr. Yasuhiro Shudo, Outreach Faculty,  and Jason Irwin

Judy Womack

Administrative Associate and Receptionist

Andrew Nguyen

Cardiothoracic Surgery Liaison

Charlene Seegmiller

Cardiothoracic Surgery Liaison

Liz Pope

Admin Assoc to Drs. Philip Oyer,  Claire Watkins, William Hiesinger, and Saverio La Francesca

Judith Sang

Cardiovascular Surgery Coordinator

Maria Caimol

Cardiothoracic Surgery Liaison

Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

Marlene Charles

Staff Supervisor and Clinical Coordinator

Linda Tanabe

Clinical Coordinator

Debbie Parsons

New Patient Coordinator

Leslie Nguyen

Admin Supervisor and AA to Drs. Frank Hanley, Olaf Reinhartz, and John Lamberti

Marilou Sugimoto

Pediatric Surgery Coordinator

Stacey Kramer

Admin Assoc to Drs. Michael Ma, Richard Mainwaring, Teimour Nasirov, and Pediatric Outreach Faculty

Michal Palmon, BSc, MPH

Pediatric Cardiothoracic Clinical Outcomes Director

Thoracic Surgery

Donna Yoshida

Administrative Associate to
Drs. Joseph Shrager and Natalie Lui

Clinical Trials Coordinators

Tiffany Flores

Clinical Research Manager

Christine Kesekwa

Clinical Research Coordinator

Rachelle Villanueva

Clinical Research Coordinator Associate

Kokil Bakshi

Clinical Research Coordinator

Sally Sedadi

Clinical Research Coordinator

Shannon Nesbit

Clinical Research Coordinator

Andrea Witte

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator

Tiffany Koyano

Clinical Research Coordinator

Rhodalene Benjamin-Addy

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator