Faculty Labs

Leah Backhus & Mark Berry Lab

Stanford Thoracic Surgery Clinical Research Program

Maria Currie Lab

Cardiothoracic Transplantation Laboratory 

Brandon Guenthart Lab

Lung Recovery and Bioengineering Laboratory

Ioannis Karakikes Lab

Rare Cardiac Disease Research Laboratory

Michael Ma Lab

Cardiovascular Research Lab

Yasuhiro Shudo Lab

Stanford Translational Heart Failure Research Laboratory

Betty Irene Moore Children's Heart Center

Clinical and Translational Research Program

Irmina Elliott Lab

Novel Approaches to Thoracic Malignancies

William Hiesinger Lab

Stanford Cardiothoracic Therapeutics and Surgery Laboratory

Anson Lee Lab

Cardiac Surgical Arrhythmia Research Laboratory

John W. MacArthur Lab

Cardiac Surgical Arrhythmia Research Laboratory

Thoracic Surgery Lab

Thoracic Oncology Research Laboratory
Respiratory Muscle Research Laboratory

Michael Fischbein Lab

Stanford Thoracic Aortic Research Laboratory

Ngan Huang Lab

Stanford Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering Laboratory

Yihan Lin Lab

Global Cardiac Surgery Research Lab

Pediatric Cardiac Lab


Joseph Woo Lab

Stanford Advanced Therapeutics for Heart Failure Research Laboratory