Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Services

We provide the most innovative care available for children with heart conditions present at birth or that occur after birth. As a leading heart center, we routinely provide advanced cardiac support, including extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) and external ventricular assist device support for younger children and implantable (LVAD) support for older children. In addition, our team has experience in treating adults with congenital heart disease at much older ages.

Our Pediatric Faculty

Frank Hanley, MD


Olaf Reinhartz, MD

Associate Professor

Teimour Nasirov, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Elisabeth Martin, MD, MPH

Clinical Assistant Professor

Malcolm MacDonald, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Naruhito Watanabe, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

R. Kirk Riemer, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Richard Mainwaring, MD

Clinical Professor

Ed Petrossian, MD

Clinical Professor

Michael Ma, MD

Assistant Professor