Pectus Excavatum - Patient Consultation Experience (2024)

Clara Patient Experience - Pectus Excavatum Treatment (2024)

Chest Wall Conditions

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Why choose Stanford?

Why get your care at Stanford for surgical correction of chest wall defects?

A robust chest wall reconstruction program is multidisciplinary and includes physiotherapists, pulmonologists, pain specialists, and social workers. For patients with chestwall tumors, medical and radiation oncologists are also involved in the care of each patient. Thoracic surgeons at Stanford are skilled at performing complex chest wall resections, repairs, and revisional surgery utilizing a number of skills and adjuncts including 3D modeling and prosthetic techniques.

Dr. Leah Backhus leads our Adult Chest Wall Surgery Program. Surgeons in our division—Drs. Mark Berry, Joseph Shrager, Natalie Lui and Douglas Liou—are all experienced surgeons providing surgical care of patients with chest wall defects, resections, and reconstructions.

Dr. Leah Backhus

Dr. Mark Berry

Dr. Joseph Shrager

Dr. Natalie Lui

Dr. Douglas Liou

The Stanford Adult Pectus Program

The Stanford Adult Pectus Program provides surgical care to patients requiring primary repair and revisional surgery for pectus excavatum in adults. We partner with colleagues at the Lucille Packard Childrens Hospital via their specialized pediatric pectus clinic. Additionally, we receive referrals from all over the country and our experience allows us to offer second opinions or assistance for patients with residual or recurrent problems after having prior chest wall surgery in the past.

The Stanford Adult Pectus Program consists of team members representing several disciplines including:

Surgeons: Leah Backhus, Mark Berry

Pediatric Surgery: Stephanie Chao

Plastic Surgery: Gordon Lee

Nurse Practitioners: Angela Lee, Alfredo DeJesus

Chest Radiologist: Henry Guo

Cardiology: George Lui

Pulmonary Medicine: Michelle Cao

Pediatric Surgery Partnership

And others in social work, pulmonary medicine, physical therapy, and plastic surgery.

Dr. Leah Backhus

Dr. Mark Berry

Chest wall tumors and reconstructions

For chest wall tumors and reconstructions we work closely with colleagues in medical oncology, radiation oncology, and plastic surgery as part of the Stanford Thoracic Oncology Program.


Contact and Appointment Information

If you would like to contact the Adult Chest Wall Surgery Program team with a question or appointment request, please use this form and a member of the team will contact you directly. If you are making an appointment request, we will contact you to schedule a call to review your medical history and work with your insurance provider for any necessary authorizations.

Appointments / Thoracic Surgery Clinic Scheduling

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Thoracic Surgery Division General Information

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Administrative Associate
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The Division of Thoracic Surgery in the Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery at the Stanford School of Medicine is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in northern California. For more information about our services, please contact Donna Yoshida at (650) 721-2086 or Cliff David at (650) 721-6400. For new patient Thoracic Surgery Clinic Scheduling, please call (650) 498-6000.