Helen Blau speaks at the 2023 Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance Research Symposium

The goal of this symposium was celebrating human performance research. Through a series of research talks, discussions, and sessions with posters and demos, the event showcased groundbreaking human performance research and seed new collaborations. Her tak was part of the Reversing Injury with Regenerative Medicine session.  Advances in regenerative medicine and rehabilitation protocols are helping to dramatically accelerate healing for multiple tissue types, helping reach the vision of reversing injury and fully restoring function to damaged tissues.  Speakers shared late-breaking advances in regenerative biology that are laying the groundwork for new therapies to heal cartilage, bone, tendon, and muscle, whether due to injury, overload, or aging. The advances are made possible not only through new discoveries about the stem cell microenvironments that best support regeneration but also by synergizing regenerative therapies with the mechanical environment of the tissue.