Current and former Blau lab members jointly publish Cell Reports article

Summary Figure from Cell Reports

Current and former Blau lab members Will Wang, Laura Stankiewicz, Helen Blau, and Fabio Rossi teamed up to publish Spatial compartmentalization of signaling imparts source-specific functions on secreted factors in Cell Reports. Efficient skeletal muscle regeneration requires coordinatioon between multiple cell types. The authors profiled the transcriptome of hematopoietic, stromal, myogenic, and endothelial cells over 14 days following acute muscle damage to better understand the intercellular networks involved and how they change when regeneration fails. The group identified VEGFA-driven endothelial engagement as a key differentiating feature in models of successful and failed regeneration, and showed that myogenic and stromal VEGFA have distinct functions in regeneration, highlighting the role of spatial compartmentalization in cellular signalling.