Will Wang speaks in the Myogenesis Discussion group sponsored by Medicine by Design at the University of Toronto

The study of myology (skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscle structure, function and development) has wide-ranging importance in the field of regenerative medicine. Skeletal muscle is the most abundant tissue in the human body and cardiac muscle is required to circulate blood throughout it. Furthermore, smooth muscle is present in the walls of hollow organs and the vasculature system, making these tissues critical for normal physiological function. The goal of the myogenesis discussion group is to explore models of development, disease and regeneration in muscle tissues, as well as potential therapeutic approaches. Within this, we aim to discuss novel techniques to quantitatively measure all aspects of myology and the challenges associated with developing representative models for these complex tissues. The series is part of Medicine by Design. Will's talk is entitled A Single Cell Spatial Temporal Atlas of Skeletal Muscle Reveals Cellular Neighborhoods that Orchestrate Regeneration and Become Distrupted in Aging.