Join the Blau Lab

The Blau Lab, in the Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology, at Stanford University School of Medicine invites applications for four well-funded positions: a Senior Research Scientist, a Postdoctoral Fellow, and two technicians.  We seek highly creative and motivated scientists to perform cutting-edge research on aging and regenerative medicine. 

We recently made the groundbreaking discovery that prostaglandin degrading enzyme, 15-PGDH, is a new hallmark of aging  (Palla et al. Science 2021). We now seek to dissect the molecular mechanisms by which 15-PGDH drives aging in muscle and diverse tissues.

Applicants will have the opportunity to work with a stellar team of interdisciplinary scientists. The Baxter Laboratory is a collaborative multi-laboratory workspace that pushes the cutting edge of technology to answer new and exciting biological questions. We employ multi-parametric analysis of cell types using state-of-the-art techniques such as CODEX and CyTOF. The Blau lab integrates genetics, epigenomic profiling, machine learning, and bioengineered cell culture platforms to yield novel insights into stem cell biology, mouse models of disease, and reprogramming with a focus on therapeutic potential. Located amid a vibrant academic research community at Stanford School of Medicine in the center of Silicon Valley.

The senior scientist position requires a highly accomplished and rigorous scientist with an outstanding track-record of innovation, a sustained publication record, and the ability to coordinate and drive the efforts of a team. This job has previously launched the independent careers of several talented scientists. A PhD or MD/PhD and 3+ years of postdoctoral research experience is desirable. A strong background in muscle biology, stem cell biology, aging, or regenerative medicine is desired. Expertise in cell and molecular biology, transgenic mouse models, FACS and microscopy are essential. Excellent interpersonal, communication and writing skills are imperative. The successful candidate will have a key role in directing a team of researchers, including postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, and research assistants, with potential for authorship on numerous publications. .

The postdoctoral position requires a PhD or MD/PhD in Biological Sciences, including Bioengineering. Previous expertise and/or interest in stem cell biology, mouse models, high-throughput sequencing technologies, bioinformatics, and genomics with a focus on treatments for aging and disease is desired. Ideal candidates should be scientifically rigorous, collaborative, and eager to learn about new fields and techniques .

Both technician positions require a BA/BS and some experience performing wet-lab research. While both positions provide the opportunity to contribute to an array of Blau lab projects, one emphasizes -omics approaches and bioinformatics, while the other emphasizes FACS and other cell sorting tecniques.