Current Work

My laboratory studies the biology of brain tumors with the goal of developing novel therapeutics for the treatment of malignant brain tumors and translating that research into clinical trials. Currently we are studying a variety of different protein pathways that we hypothesize to be important players in glioblastoma formation and growth.

Read one of our Latest Publications

Casein kinase 2 alpha regulates glioblastoma brain tumor-initiating cell growth through the beta-catenin pathway ONCOGENE

Nitta, R. T., Gholamin, S., Feroze, A. H., Agarwal, M., Cheshier, S. H., Mitra, S. S., Li, G.2015; 34 (28): 3688-3699

Brain Tumor Lab Tour 2018

We wanted to give patients and advocates a first-hand look at how we study brain tumors, so we invited them to tour our lab. Our lab scientists guided our guests through interactive stations, showing how research to better understand how brain tumors work, and how to stop them, is conducted.