RSL Trainee Council

We are an open group of friendly trainees that officially represents the graduate students, postdocs and research associates of the RSL to the faculty, and aims to create a culture that encourages initiative, collaborations, mentorship and friendship. The Trainee Council's official mission is to:

  • foster an environment supportive of all trainees
  • enrich the training experience beyond research
  • build community among all RSL members

Upcoming Events

We often organize social events (from weekly happy hours, to off-campus outings, and more) and career-development events (e.g., talks on industry and academic career paths, and other transferable skills); check back to see what's upcoming, and volunteer to help make these fun and valuable experiences!

Join us!

Any RSL trainee is welcome to join the Trainee Council.  We meet regularly on the second Wednesday of every month, from 11 am to noon in P080.  If you would like to learn more or get involved (e.g. you have an idea for a community event or something else that would be great for RSL), please stop by one of our meetings or approach one of us!

(Last updated on Februrary 10, 2021)

Outreach Coordinator
Social Media Chair
Faculty Lunch Coordinator


Dr. Moss Zhao is a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford’s Center for Advanced Functional Neuroimaging led by Drs. Greg Zaharchuk and Michael Moseley. He develops cutting-edge and clinically viable imaging technologies to improve the diagnosis and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases across the lifespan. His specific areas of expertise include physiological modeling, arterial spin labeling, Bayesian inference, PET/MRI, and artificial intelligence. His scientific contributions could significantly improve the early detection of strokes and dementia as well as enrich the knowledge of brain development in the first two decades of life. Dr. Zhao received his DPhil at St Cross College of University of Oxford under the supervision of Prof. Michael Chappell. As an alumni mentor, he supports the career development of students of his alma mater. Since 2016, he has presented his work to more than 3000 delegates at international conferences and held leadership positions in professional societies. His research and teaching are supported by the American Heart Association, the National Institutes of Health, and the European Cooperation in Science and Technology.
Career Development Lead
REU Event Coordinator & Faculty Lunch Coordinator
Social Lead & RSL Seminar Coordinator
RSL Seminar Coordinator