Science Education Enrichment for Diversity (SEED) Outreach Program


The Radiology Outreach Program, or SEED (Science Education Enrichment for Diversity), aims to increase interest in STEM in a group of young under-represented minority students. We collaborate with a local teacher to facilitate in-class hands-on science lessons for local students to help them see themselves as future scientists and thereby increase under-represented-minorities in STEM.


  • 4-6 lessons per year
  • Partner with a single teacher responsible for 4-8 classes 


  • Volunteers to help with in-class lessons. 
  • No prior experience required, we will provide training 

Benefit of Participating:

  • Better understand educational inequality in the American education system. 
  • Learn about challenges faced by under-represented-minority students .
  • Gain confidence presenting your research to a young audience.
  • Opportunity to mentor promising young students.
  • Experience working with communities different from your own. 
  • Illustrate your own unique path to STEM for other students to draw from.
  • It is fun and rewarding! 

Time Commitment: 

~8 hours/quarter