Talk to your PI / know your admin
  • Get approval from you PI AND ask about spending limits (food, shared lodging with colleages, etc.) and other lab policies.
  • Your PI's Admin is the know-all, end-all authority.  Be sure to connect with your Admin before purchasing any travel elements.  Admins hold Stanford Travel Cards (t-cards) which are the preferred method of payment
 Purpose of trip
  • Conference, workshop, symposium, etc - presentation, poster, panel, session speaker, enrichment
  • plan early in order to get the best rate
  • submit for reimbursement within 10 days of purchase
  • Lodging can be booked through Stanford Travel (preferred) or through other platforms
  • Book with the conference block hotels when available
  • Do not exceed maximum domestic rates set by SOM; do not exceed federal per diem rates for foriegn locations
  • Send reservation confirmations of lodging stays not booked with Stanford Travel as an attachment via email  More info HERE
  • Airfare must be booked using Stanford Travel platforms
  • Book early, find direct flights, do not arrive earlier than one day or leave later than one day after the conference or event
  • FORIEGN flights - Air America rules apply (domestic carriers), understand codesharing and Open Skies exceptions
 Ground transportation and meals
  • Check with PI on limits for food
  • Federal Per Diem required for travel funded by sponsored awards (no individual receipts)
  • No alcohol allowed on travel funded by sponsored awards
  • Reasonable meals only (no snacks or second breakfasts)
  • Ground Transportation - RECEIPTS needed.  Only trips to and from home/airport/venue  - no personal travel.
  • Document: conference title, dates, location, link to website and agenda
  • Document: purpose of trip (poster title, presentation title or session, etc)
  • Retain: Flight receipt, hotel folio, ground transportation (Uber, Lyft, etc) receipts
  • Retain: receipts for incidentals (baggage, visa fees, currency conversion fees, etc)
  • Retain: meal receipts
  • In one batch, submit all the above to your Admin within 10 days of the last day of travel
  • EXPECT: minor differences in conversion rates, possible unallowable expenses, up to 3 weeks for the expense report to clear for payment.