RSL Researchers Earn Doctoral Degrees

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Jonathan Goodman, MD, PhD

December 20, 2021

Jonathan Goodman, Department of Biophysics, MD-PhD program

Gary Glover, Advisor

Resolving Functional Landmarks in the Human Thalamus

Jeffrey Wang, PhD

December 13, 2021

Jeffrey Wang, Department of Biophysics

Raag Airan, Advisor

Mapping the Whole-Brain Response to Noninvasive Neuromodulation: From Rodents to Humans                             

Patricia Lan, PhD

November 19, 2021

Patricia Lan, Department of Bioengineering

Gary Glover, advisor

Methods for imaging brain function using BOLD and viscoelastic contrast

Rehman Ali, PhD

November 15, 2021

Rehman Ali, Department of Electrical Engineering

Jeremy Dahl, advisor

Sound Speed Estimation and Phase Aberration Correction in Medical Ultrasound Imaging


Hollis Crowder, PhD

November 11, 2021

Hollis Crowder, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Marc Levenston, Advisor

Exploring structure-function relationships of knee cartilage and meniscus using medical imaging and soft tissue biomechanics techniques

Phillip DiGiacomo, PhD

September 29, 2021

Phillip DiGiacomo, Department of Bioengineering

Norbert Pelc and Michael Zeineh, Advisors

Validation and development of iron as an imaging-based biomarker ofneuroinflammation in Alzheimer's Disease



Mary Elizabeth Hall, PhD

May 25, 2021

Mary Elizabeth Hall, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Marc Levenston, Advisor

Contrast Agent Diffusion as a CT Arthrography Biomarker for Articular Cartilage Health

Christopher Sandino, PhD

May 13, 2021

Christopher Sandino, Department of Electrical Engineering

Shreyas Vasanawala,  Advisor

Accelerating pediatric magnetic resonance imaging using deep learning-based reconstruction



Lauren Watkins

April 29, 2021

Lauren Watkins, Department of Bioengineering

Marc Levenston, Feliks Kogan, Advisors

Imaging strategies for quantitative, whole-joint assessment ofstructure and function related to knee osteoarthritis



November, 2020

Steve Leung, Department of Bioengineering

Kim Butts Pauly, Advisor

Leveraging simulations to improve focused ultrasound brain treatments

July, 2020

Sarah Divel, Department of Electrical Engineering

Norbert Pelc, Advisor

The Validation and Optimization of CT Perfusion for Stroke Assessment

June, 2020

Steffi Perkins, Department of Bioengineering

Brian Hargreaves, Advisor

 A Mixed-Reality System for Breast Surgical Planning in the Operating Room: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Development and Initial Clinical Evaluation

May, 2020

Seul Lee, Department of Electrical Engineering

Gary Glover, Advisor

Functional MRI Characterization of Lesion-Induced Plasticity and Improved Acquisition Techniques

June, 2019

Marrianne Black, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Prof. Marc Levenston, Advisor

Co-Advisors: Profs. Brian Hargreaves and Garry Gold

Quantitative Imaging of Cartilage and Meniscus for Early Detection of Osteoarthritis

June, 2019

Keshav Datta, Department of Electrical Engineering

Daniel Spielman, Advisor

Novel techniques for metabolic imaging using hyperpolarized carbon-13 compounds

May, 2019

Feiyu Chen, Department of Electrical Engineering

John Pauly, Advisor

Fast Motion-Robust Magnetic Resonance Imaging

April, 2019

Grant Yang, Department of Electrical Engineering

Jennifer McNab, Advisor

Diffusion Encoding Waveform Design for Mapping Microstructure in the Human Brain

February, 2019

Picha Shunhavanich, Department of Bioengineering

Norbert J. Pelc, Advisor

Challenges in CT with photon counting detectors

January, 2019

Mihir Pendse, Department of Electrical Engineering

Brian Rutt, Advisor

Managing Local SAR and B1+ Inhomogeneity in Ultra High Field MRI Using Parallel Transmission