Pediatric Cardiology
Dedicated Pre-award Services

We offer dedicated pre-award services to division investigators on an integrated and/or ad hoc basis, including the areas below. Reach out to us anytime with any type of pre-award need: Leighann Rawls, Research Administration, and/or Susan Salkind, Research Development, We look forward to working with you!


  • Coordinate with PI and RMG

  • Schedule and facilitate kick-off meetings

  • Help collect/prepare proposal administrative components such as PI waiver, PIF, budget development, Just-In-Time requests, checklists, and timelines

  • Review documents for completeness and compliance

  • Initiate applications and upload documents to sponsor portals (e.g., ASSIST, ProposalCentral)

  • Act as general point of contact (POC), including subaward POC, and oversee submission process

  • Finding funding opportunities

  • Editing and critically evaluating proposals

  • Providing input on text and figures

  • Interpreting sponsor requirements and providing strategic advice

  • Developing strategic plans and monitoring progress of proposal submissions

  • Catalyzing teams and building partnerships

  • Fostering innovation using competitive intelligence tools

  • One-on-one consultations


Leighann Rawls,

Leighann Rawls serves the Pediatric Cardiology Division as pre-award research administrator. She has more than six years of research administration experience working in central sponsored research offices at University of Denver and Louisiana State University.


Susan Salkind,

Susan Salkind is a research development (RD) strategist/grant writer in the Stanford School of Medicine’s Office of Pediatric RD, serving the Pediatric Cardiology Division. She is a staff affiliate at the Stanford Center for Open and Reproducible Science (CORES), and an officer for the Stanford Research Development Community of Practice's "Excellence in RD" initiative. Previously, she served as an assistant director at a Stanford center for law and computer science, where she helped to revive a focal research theme leading to $1M in funding, and helped to secure $4M to establish a new lab in Engineering.