Neurodiversity at Work

Stanford University Research: Neurodiversity at Work

We are interested in examining the effects of specialized employment support programs for adults with autism. The objectives of the NaW program are:

(i) to cultivate the concept of the strengths-based model of neurodiversity in organizations,

(ii) to empower managers and teams with skills to work with neurodiverse individuals,

(iii) to increase job readiness for neurodiverse individuals, and

(iv) to support both employers and neurodiverse employees throughout the entire employment cycle. 

The Stanford Neurodiverse Candidate Registry is part of the Neurodiversity at Work (NaW) program. Participants will be involved in the study before and after onboarding. Duration of job search phase is approximately o to 12 months.  After onboarding, participants will be followed for approximately 18 months. 

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