Stanford Neurodiverse Candidate Registry

The Neurodiversity at Work Program

The objectives of the NaW program are: (i) to cultivate the concept of the strengths-based model of neurodiversity in organizations, (ii) to empower managers and teams with skills to work with neurodiverse individuals, (iii) to increase job readiness for neurodiverse individuals, and (iv) to support both employers and neurodiverse employees throughout the entire employment cycle. The Stanford Neurodiverse Candidate Registry is part of the Neurodiversity at Work (NaW) program. 

What We Do Differently

Our group strives to improve the efficiency of matching candidates to jobs by creating a large pool of candidates and a large bank of jobs from various industries, and adopting state-of-the-art job matching technologies. Furthermore, we emphasize the need to increase readiness for both employers and employees. Candidates who are not ready for work will be referred to pre-employment training or internship programs. For employers, we provide neurodiversity awareness and best practice training to enhance employers’ capacity to work effectively with neurodiverse employees. Collectively, our approach will improve the employees’ productivity, innovation, and quality of life, thereby contributing to the employers’ business success.   

Stanford Neurodiverse Candidate Registry


  • To connect individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with prospective employers who embrace the strengths-based model of neurodiversity.
  • To improve job-readiness for adolescents and adults with ASD.

Inclusion Criteria: 

  • 18-55 years old
  • have an autism (ASD) diagnosis
  • IQ greater than 59
  • ability to travel to work independently


Why Sign Up: The Stanford Neurodiverse Candidate Registry (SNCR) is the entry point for opportunities to allow individuals with ASD to show their abilities to employers who embrace the strengths of candidates with ASD.

How to Sign Up: For an opportunity to participate in this research project, please fill out the screening form here. You may also contact our team directly at with any questions.

Our Matching Process

Individuals with autism who are looking for employment are encouraged to register at the Stanford Neurodiverse Candidate Registry (SNCR). Registrants who are not job-ready will be referred to employment agencies or internship programs. Based on their work/technical skills and the requirements of open positions, SNCR registrants who are job-ready will enter the matching pool for positions managed by the Stanford Neurodiversity Job Bank (SNJB). 

Based on the existence of specialized employment program, prior training on neurodiversity received by hiring managers, and the readiness of the team associated to the position, the NaW Program determines the readiness of each position to be posted in the matching pool within the SNJB. If the company, manager, and team has met the training standard, then the position will be included in the matching pool. If training is deemed necessary for the team or other personnel involved in the position, then NaW Program can provide neurodiversity training at various levels and contexts. 

Matched candidates will go through accommodated interviews, arranged by the NaW Program and employers. If candidates are offered a position, the NaW Program will assist the candidates on understanding the offers and the managers to arrange for any potential accommodations before on-boarding.