Peer Mentor Program

The peer mentor program pairs neurodiverse freshmen with upperclassmen mentors to help them navigator their first year at Stanford. Peer mentors are paid and trained by SNP staff. There is no cost for neurodiverse students paired with mentors.  

We are currently accepting applications for both peer mentors and neurodiverse students who wish to participate in this program.


Program Overview:

Peer mentors assist neurodiverse freshmen in their transition to college. Mentors meet weekly with their students and work through the mentoring curriculum, as well as addressing other needs as they arise. Mentors receive training before starting the mentoring relationship and are also given ongoing training and supervision throughout the year. 

The mentoring curriculum includes units on: self-knowledge, building a support network, health and wellness, home life, campus life, interpersonal relationships, making and pursuing goals, transportation, employment, and finances.