The Network for K-12 Neurodiversity Education and Advocacy (NNEA) seeks to foster a community for K-12 students, parents, and educators interested in neurodiversity to share and discover unique advocacy efforts, stories, and experiences.

Monthly NNEA meetings will feature students, parents, and/or educators from diverse backgrounds who want to speak about and discuss their experiences with neurodiversity and/or advocacy efforts and contribute to the larger network of neurodiversity education and advocacy across the globe. 

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Past and Future Speakers

November 19, 2020: Siena Castellon — Neurodiversity Celebration Week & Quantum Leap Mentoring

January 14, 2021: Helen Zhu — The Harker School & Isabella He — SN Inclusion, Mission San Jose High School

February 11, 2021: Aaryan Shah — Unitopia, Irvington High School & Alexandra Koch and Ananya Madduri — Phillips Academy Andover

March 18, 2021: Dr. Tom Keating — Cognitopia. (Recording)

April 8 2021: Alex Vasquez & Dr. Lynn Cominsky (Recording)

May 13, 2021: Rossie Stone — Dekko Comics (Recording)

June 10, 2021: Ayush Agrawal & HAAPE Junior Board

July 8, 2021: Isabelle Hsu and Joy Kuo, Irvington & Simi Golani, BASIS