Does your company have an existing Neurodiversity at Work program or equivalent?

If yes, we welcome you to submit your job openings directly to the Stanford Neurodiversity Job Bank (SNJB) by emailing stanfordneurodiversityproject@stanford.edu.


Please feel free to download Program Information here, and contact us at stanfordneurodiversityproject@stanford.edu. 

For companies without a Neurodiversity at Work program or equivalent, our program may be able to help you with:

•• Bulding a Neurodiveristy at Work pilot program

•• Finding neurodiverse candidates for your internships and/or regular hires

•• Neurodiversity awareness training

•• Best practice training on recruitment for employers

•• Support of both employers and candidates after on-boarding


Large organizations without a Neurodiversity at Work program or equivalent:

We recommend a commitment of 2 years to help build your Neurodiversity at Work program. To optimize for success, we will work with you to create customized training materials to take into account your organization’s unique culture and values.


Small to mid-size companies (<500 employees) without a Neurodiversity at Work program or equivalent:

We recommend a commitment to working with our program to build a neurodiversity-friendly workplace for your prospective employee(s). The Stanford Neurodiversity at Work Program can absorb the costs for providing support (recruitment process and 12-weeks of support) for up to 2 positions.


Current Partners, Collaborators and Other Employers

CURRENT COLLABORATORS (actively working with the Stanford Neurodiveristy Project to build their Neurodiversity at Work Programs):

California Public Utilities Commission

Charlie's Acres Farm Animal Sanctuary

Department of Athletics, Stanford University

Department of Comparative Medicine, Stanford University

DPR Construction

Gant Nathay Architecture


Wu Tsai Neurosciences Institute, Stanford University


Other organizations having their own Neurodiversity at Work programs or equivalent, and collaborating with the Stanford Neurodiversity Project:







OTHER EMPLOYERS (organizations which do not have their own Neurodiversity at Work programs or equivalent, but working with the Stanford Neurodiversity Project):

Ada’s Cafe


Berkeley Food and Housing Project

California Public Utilities Commission

Center for Learning Unlimited



Department of Rehabilitation 

DeVry University 



Los Angeles County

Open Mind School 

Options for All 


Taulia Inc.

United Nations




Stanford Neurodiversity Job Bank (SNJB)