PSYC 229: Topics in Neurodiversity: Introduction and Advocacy

Learn life skills and get units at the same time.

Stanford Neurodiversity Project is offering a full year comprehensive neurodiverse student support course, which is open to all Stanford undergraduate and graduate students. PSYC 229 "Topics in Neurodiversity: Introduction and Advocacy" is a 1-unit course offered each quarter. The series, PSYC 229A, 229B and 229C is designed to be taken consecutively. In the course, students are provided direct instruction in the areas of activities of daily living, social communication strategies, navigating social relationships, self regulation, and support in accommodations and career development. All students in the Neurodiverse Student Support Program, as well as peer mentors, are highly encouraged to take this class.

The fall quarter class is PSYC 229A: Topics in Neurodiversity: Introduction and Advocacy. For the full course description and schedule, see the course listing on Explore Courses. Enroll via SimpleEnroll in Axess.