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We are in search of physicians, staff, and postdocs who are committed to continuing state-of-the-art research, dedicated to improving clinical care and medical education, and advancing the craft of medicine.

We are currently recruiting for the following positions:

Faculty Positions

Clinical Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor - Transplant Nephrology Faculty

Hiring Manager: Jane Tan

The Division of Nephrology in the Department of Medicine at Stanford University is seeking a transplant nephrologist to join the Division as a Clinical Assistant, Associate or Full Professor in the Clinician Educator line. Faculty rank will be determined by the qualifications and experience of the successful candidate.

The major criterion for appointment, reappointment and promotion for Clinician Educators is excellence in the overall mix of clinical care and clinical teaching appropriate to the programmatic needs the individual is expected to fulfill. While not required, Clinician Educators may also participate in scholarly activities and/or perform in an administrative role. Successful applicants will be encouraged to interact with the wide range of clinical, translational, and basic science programs at Stanford.

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Postdoctoral Scholars

Kidney Disease/Transplantation & Basic Science Research

Mentor: Vivek Bhalla, Jonathan Maltzman, Alan Pao, or Tammy Sirich

The Stanford Division of Nephrology is seeking a highly motivated post-doctoral candidate to join one of our research programs in the basic/translational space.  The division is composed of a group of physicians and physician-scientists with labs at Stanford and the Palo Alto VA Health Care System.  The division has laboratories that specialize in the study of renal physiology, stone disease, uremia, dialysis, aging and transplant immunology.   Depending on the laboratory, projects may utilize mouse models or may primary be studying human cells. 

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Postdoc in Observational Kidney Disease Research

Mentor: Manjula Tamura

We are looking for a motivated post-doctoral scholar with a background in qualitative research methods and an interest in serious illness decision making for kidney disease.  Our goal is to develop tools that will support patients, clinicians and families to make informed, goal-concordant dialysis decisions.  Potential outcomes of this work include the development of a web-based decision aid, prognostic calculator, or web-based kidney supportive care navigator.

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Postdoc in Kidney Disease Decision Support

Mentor: Manjula Tamura

We are looking for a motivated post-doctoral scholar with a background in causal inference methods and an interest in kidney disease and hypertension management.  Although evidence from randomized trials has strong internal validity, it may not reflect the risk benefit profile of patient populations that will receive treatment in practice. Our overarching goal in this project is to evaluate the comparative risks and benefits of intensive versus standard blood pressure targets in real world adults with CKD using data from the Veterans Health Administration and Kaiser Permanente. Our secondary goal is to demonstrate novel analytical approaches that extend causal effects from randomized trial effects to broader populations.

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Postdoc in Diabetic Kidney Disease Research

Mentor: Vivek Bhalla

The laboratory of Vivek Bhalla, MD is seeking a highly motivated postdoctoral candidate to join its research program. The laboratory is housed within a community of scientists and physician-scientists in newly renovated facilities within Stanford Research Park. The laboratory focuses on hormone-induced signaling pathways active in diabetic kidney disease. Specific areas of interest include elucidating the role of specific genes in podocyte and endothelial cell function in diabetic glomeruli. Elucidating the important regulators of these pathways will involve biochemical, molecular, and genetic approaches. This work will involve multidisciplinary collaborations with leading scientists here at Stanford and around the country in nephropathology, cardiovascular medicine, and protein biochemistry. 

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