Clinical Research

Message from Director Dr. Manjula Tamura

Our mission is to improve the lives of patients with kidney disease and those at risk by advancing the translation of innovative discoveries from the bench to the bedside and beyond to improve population health and inform health policy. 

We have a vibrant clinical research program in acute and chronic kidney diseases, dialysis and transplantation, glomerular disease, global health, hypertension and kidney stones. Our faculty collaborate with numerous Departments across Stanford University, as well as with leading US institutions and worldwide.  We are unique in having a dedicated Biostatistics Core embedded within the Division of Nephrology, who support the faculty and trainees in all aspects of our clinical research enterprise. 

Principle Investigators

Richard Lafayette

Richard Lafayette leads the GDC(Glomerular Disease Center), which provides the highest level of care to patients with glomerular disease and to train physicians in the optimal diagnosis and therapy for these problems. The focus is on primary glomerular disease and glomerular injury in the context of chronic infection or cancer. The team utilizes its skills in pathology, nephrology and immunology to individualize diagnosis and patient care.

Explore more about Dr. Lafayette's Research by visiting Glomerular Disease Center Website to connect with a clinic or explore current research opportunities.