Welcome to the Stanford Transplant Nephrology Program

Dr. Adetokunbo Odunaiya

Transplant Nephrology Program Director

The Stanford Kidney Transplant fellowship is a one to two-year program that provides comprehensive training to board eligible/certified nephrology fellows who desire sub-specialization in kidney transplantation. The program is structured to provide all the required clinical competencies in the first year of training. The optional second year is reserved for fellows who desire additional research training in the field and may be subject to funding.

The educational experiences of the Kidney Transplant Fellowship include the evaluation and management of candidates for kidney and pancreas transplantation, the evaluation of potential living kidney donors, the management of new and long-term kidney and pancreas transplant recipients, and the management of kidney function impairment in other solid organ transplant recipients and in patients with end-stage liver disease.  More 

During the first year, fellows spend 6 months on the inpatient service. New kidney and pancreas transplant recipients are cared for on a combined medicine/surgery transplant nursing unit and are managed by a multidisciplinary team under the leadership of Transplant Surgery and Transplant Nephrology. Multidisciplinary rounds occur daily with the transplant surgery team, transplant nephrology team, transplant nurse coordinator, social worker, pharmacist, and dietician. Kidney transplant recipients hospitalized beyond one-year of transplantation are cared for by general medicine or other primary services depending on their presenting complaint. The Transplant Nephrology team follows all hospitalized kidney transplant recipients admitted to other services and co-manages as a consulting service. The remaining six months of the first year are spent on the outpatient service. During this time fellows are involved in outpatient evaluation and care of kidney transplant candidates and recipients, evaluation of living donor candidates, dedicated learning experiences in histocompatibility, kidney biopsy and pathology review, elective and research experiences.

Throughout the one year of fellowship, fellows attend pre- and post-transplant clinics, preform kidney transplant biopsies and review slides with pathology generally the next day. Kidney transplant and living donor candidates are reviewed at weekly Transplant Evaluation Committee meetings attended by all members of the multidisciplinary team. Transplant fellows attend weekly Nephrology Ground Rounds (one week each month is dedicated to a Pathology conference), and weekly Transplant Journal Club (one week each month is dedicated to a Morbidity and Mortality conference).



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