Administrative Staff

Administrative Manager, Medicine - Med/Nephrology
Training Program Coordinator

Admin to Drs. Fatehi, Lit, and all Fellows

Lynn Clinton
Transplant Administrative Coordinator

Admin to Drs. Ahearn, Cheng, Lenihan, Scandling, Taiwo, Tan, and Warvariv.

Administrative Operations Coordinator, Medicine - Med/Nephrology

Admin to Drs. Anand, Bhalla, Chang, Chertow, Jocelyn Hollings and Biostatistician Core. 

General Nephrology Administrative Coordinator

Admin to Drs. Abra, Aron, Brady, Ganesan, Kamal, Kim, Lafayette, Lee, Maltzman, Pao, Tamura, Yu, Ziolkowski, and Clinical Research Coordinator Core.

Finance Staff

Assistant Division Manager, Finance, Medicine - Med/Nephrology
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