International Visiting Student Program

Welcome to the Stanford University School of Medicine International Visiting Student (IVS) Program!

The IVS Program is one of many programs with a goal of adding value to elective clerkships by exposing students to an international perspective on medicine. The IVS Program compliments Stanford Medicine’s mission to increase global impact, diversity, and improve cross-cultural education. Review Stanford Medicine’s diversity message, commitment to welcoming students and scholars throughout the world, and the Center of Excellence in Diversity in Medical Education.

Stanford Medicine is currently offering a maximum of one (1) 4-week elective rotation/clerkship to approved IVS Program participants. The participant will receive an Evaluation from the elective clerkship at the end of the rotation, and can order an official transcript at the conclusion of the rotation.

The IVS Program DOES NOT GRANT Letters of Recommendations. The IVS Program asks that students should not request an LOR from the Attendings and Residents. (Helpful Hint) A two or four week elective clerkship rotation of visiting students does not provide the breadth of evaluative information required by Recommenders to write an LOR on behalf of visiting students.

All clerkships are scheduled by the School of Medicine Registrar's Office. Since Stanford medical students have priority to take elective clerkships that are open to visitors, visiting international students are only scheduled during a specified time each quarter.

Visit the IVS - Frequently Asked Application Questions page before beginning your online application submittal.

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