Anatomy Scholars Program

The Clinical Anatomy Scholars program in the Division of Clinical Anatomy at Stanford allows recent college graduates an opportunity to collaborate with faculty and staff in the Division who are committed to innovation and success in teaching, research, and technology.  

The division encourages independent study and development, and in pursuit of such growth scholars are welcome to attend open Division events (such as talks or presentations), observe most teaching and research activities that take place in the anatomy labs or other facilities, and make use of the Anatomy Library and related resources. Recognizing the desire for long-term academic and professional growth that Anatomy Scholars typically exhibit, the faculty and staff of the division support scholars by making themselves available to advise and coach them in independent endeavors.

The Anatomy Scholars Program typically consists of a one-year duration with each year culminating in scholars assisting and teaching course material during our Clinical Anatomy Summer Program (CASP) for high school students. 


  • Recently completed an undergraduate degree
  • Are interested in a career in Healthcare (MD, DDS, PA, BioMedical, etc.)
  • Can commit to a one-year, part-time, position

Applications for the 2024-25 cycle is now closed.

Previous Scholar Research

Past Anatomy Scholars

Julie-Ann Nguyen, 2023

Somin Jo, 2023

Mason Gonzalez, 2023

Rocio Angeles, 2022

Maddie Hayes-Lattin, 2020

Hannah Hales, 2019

Gabby Schreiner, 2019

Christian Torres, 2019

Aldis Petriceks, 2019

Willie Hercule, 2018

Clinton Olivas, 2018

Ashley Peterson, 2018


Jessica Plaza, 2016

Aimee Alejandre, 2016

Erick Melara, 2015

Anna McGregor, 2015

Burke Boyle, 2014

Briana Evans, 2014

Aaron Pachner, 2013

Caitlin Lawson, 2013

Clay Crawford, 2012

Margaux Schwartzstein, 2012

Whitney Liehr, 2011

Matt Stephens, 2011