Clinical Anatomy

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A Message from the Chief

Dr. Sakti Srivastava, MBBS, MS

Welcome to the Division of Clinical Anatomy in the Department of Surgery, a unit dedicated to excellence in teaching and educational research.  The Division offers a variety of courses in anatomy and surgical training for learners ranging from medical students, physician assistants, undergraduate and graduate students, surgeons-in-training, allied healthcare professionals, and many more.  Our courses are consistently ranked amongst the very best of all courses in the medical school year after year, and our world-class faculty has received numerous teaching awards.

Our dynamic interdisciplinary team consists of clinicians, scholars, researchers, educators, administrators, and technology experts.  We work synergistically to blend the “best of the old” with the “best of the new”.  The Division continues to offer a traditional cadaver based teaching & learning curriculum.  In parallel, we have developed an innovative program in digital anatomy that includes stereoscopic imagery, 3D visualization, and virtual and augmented reality.

The Division has an in-house Anatomical Gift Program, the Mathers Dissection Lab, the Cohn BioSkills Lab, a prosection library, a digital studio, and the newly established Chase Hi-Tech Anatomy and Surgical Education Lab.

We invite you to learn more about the Division of Clinical Anatomy through this website.