Anatomical Gift Program

The Significance of Body Donation

Stanford Medicine is one of the most highly regarded institutions in the world. Anatomical Gift donors provide our students and doctors with the experience necessary to advance education and medicine. The decision to donate your body to Stanford upon your death represents a priceless gift to the world of education and a tremendous opportunity for the students who will one day be among our society’s most talented and best trained doctors and scientists.

Our faculty, students, and physicians are grateful for the invaluable gift our donors have extended. Thank you to those considering making such a donation.

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Information for Donors

How The Program Works

Once you submit your registration paperwork to become a donor to the Stanford Anatomical Gift Program (formerly the Willed Body Program), you will receive confirmation via mail. We ask our donors to keep their registration current by notifying us of any address and contact information changes. If such changes have occurred or if you wish to withdraw your registration, please follow this link

After registration, please inform your family members, all persons involved in your care, and any persons currently holding power of attorney over your affairs of your intent to donate. See our FAQ page for more information. 


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, email us at, or call us at 650-725-6624. 

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This was an experience that will stay with me the rest of my life. I hope I can pay the donors back for their generosity by becoming the best physician I can be.
Anatomy teaches diligence, patience, respect and has instilled in me an even deeper sense of the remarkable nature of the human body.