Anatomy Lab Facilities

The Division of Clinical Anatomy maintains lab and learning resource facilities configured to support the instruction of human anatomy at all levels. These modern, fully-equipped facilities are also appropriate for numerous other activities, including surgical skills training, research and development, and lab skills practice. Consistent with the approach that cadaveric specimens together with medical visualization technologies provide the ideal environment for anatomy study, we make our technology-rich dissection lab, Bio Skills lab, anatomy library, and other facilities available for group reservation and provide staff support when needed.

Reserving Lab Facilities

Anatomy lab facilities may be reserved for use in a Stanford educational program or course session, Stanford research, or for Stanford-affiliated events. 

Hourly lab use charges apply, as do additional charges for special requests. We can provide cadaveric specimens for your lab session, as well as staffing and consultation services.

To request a copy of our complete lab reservation and use guidelines or to make a reservation, contact us at

Bio Skills Lab

  • 900 square feet
  • Fully reconfigurable furnishings
  • Multiple displays
  • Large assortment of instruments
  • Recording capabilities
  • Surgical Lighting

Mathers Dissection Lab

The Lawrence J. Mathers Jr. Dissection Lab is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with unparalled ventilation and a sophisticated AV system.

With a display at every table, instructors are able to distribute focused content to all students during dissection. Students are also able to tap into their own display, allowing them to bring up their own resources on an ad hoc basis. TA’s and faculty are now able to share a dissection review or even special points of interest on a particular cadaver across the entire lab. Faculty are also able to address all students at once with a lab-wide speaker system.

  • 3,000 square feet
  • 120+ person capacity at 28 cadaver dissection tables
  • Screen at every table with inputs at each station to allow sharing
  • Instructor station with switchable controls that allows content to be shown on single screen or any combination up to all screens at once
  • Microphones for full-room audio

CHASE Center

The new CHASE Center boasts a haven of technology. A SMART board is available with wi-fi screen sharing and digital whiteboard built in. Two large displays accompany our Anatomage Table, perfect for reviewing volumetric radiology with small or large groups. A glasses-free 3D display is available for reviewing CT scans in immersive stereoscopic vision. We also have a Vive Virtual Reality station for experimentation in new realms.

Type of learning: Seminars, continuing education, workshops, continuing studies, .

Technology supports - utilize technology to enhance the teaching of human anatomy.  Digital resources support educational mission.

  • 70" Active 3D Display
  • 70" 4K Display
  • Anatomage Table (can be viewed on matching 70" Displays)
  • Auto-stereo 3D Display for DICOM viewing
  • SMART Board with wireless access and network casting
  • VIVE Virtual Reality System