Registration for the Anatomical Gift Program

If you have registered with the Willed Body Program prior to Oct 1, 2021, your registration has been automatically transferred to the Anatomical Gift Program. We ask our donors to keep their registration current by notifying us of any address and contact information changes. 

There are several ways to register for the Anatomical Gift Program (formerly known as the Willed Body Program).  You can submit the donor registration form by mail, fax, or email.   

Register by Mail, Fax, or Email

Step 1: Acquire an Information Packet and Donor Registration Form


Step 2: Complete and Submit the Donor Registration Form

Once you have completed the Donor Registration Form and signed it along with two witnesses, make a copy of the signed form (or sign a second one) for your own records and inform your family, caregivers, physician, and attorney of your wishes. 

Return the completed form to:

Division of Clinical Anatomy
Stanford University
269 Campus Dr.
CCSR 0125, MC 5140
Stanford, CA 94305


Fax the completed form to (650)725-8668


Scan and email the completed form to and retain the original for your records.