Requesting Immediate Donor Transportation

Upon the passing of a pre-registered donor, please call the 24-hour donation transportation line at 650-723-2404 as soon as possible. Calling this number will page one of our staff members, who will call you back promptly. Our mortuary service will accept the donor into our care, and transport them to Stanford. 

Occasionally, a donor’s illness or other considerations will prevent us from accepting a donation. Our representative will make this determination during the initial phone call and will inform you in the event alternate arrangements will be needed. Please note that donors who have passed more than 12 hours prior to the first call will not be accepted into the program.

Please note, the number provided above is for donor transportation only. On-call staff are not available to answer questions regarding registration or eligibility. For all other questions and inquires please contact the main office at 650-725-6624 weekdays 9:00AM-4:30PM PST or email us at