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Stanford Medicine News about Pediatric Care and Research

  • Huge variation in newborn antibiotic use

    Researchers at the School of Medicine and their collaborators found that some hospitals in the state rarely administer antibiotics to newborns, while others give antibiotics to nearly half of the newborns in their care.

  • Immune cells speed aging brains’ demise

    Stanford researchers have found intrusive immune cells in a place in the brains of humans and older mice where new nerve cells are born. The intruders appear to impair nerve cell generation.

  • Christopher Dawes dies at 68

    Under Dawes’ leadership, Packard Children’s Hospital transformed from a hospital for the community into one serving children and pregnant women nationwide.

Expectant Parents

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Part of the Johnson Center for Pregnancy and Newborn Services, we specialize in the medical evaluation and care of newborns who are at or near term.

We designed this site to be a resource for our pediatric trainees as well as health professionals worldwide who care for newborns.

The transition from life in the womb to the outside world is an amazing process. We are priviledged to care for babies as they make this transition and adapt to their new surroundings.