Stanford Neurological Spinal Disorders

The Stanford Neurological Spinal Disorders team provides comprehensive neurosurgical spine care to treat a wide range of spinal disorders in adults and children. Each year we treat thousands of patients with spinal disease and deformity. Our devoted multi-disciplinary team offers patients the highest level of expertise and latest technologies, and is comprised of experts in the fields of spinal reconstruction, spinal deformity, spinal tumors, minimally invasive surgery, radiosurgery, pain management, and psychiatry. Additionally, our surgeons and scientists collaborate on translational research projects, and are at the forefront of using innovative tools, such as robotics and virtual reality, to improve outcomes and achieve the best possible care for our patients. 

Our Team

Jon Park, MD, FRCSC
Saunders Family Professor

Anand Veeravagu, MD
Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

Lawrence Shuer, MD
Professor of Neurosurgery

Thomas J. Wilson, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery

John Ratliff, MD, FACS
Professor of Neurosurgery

Atman Desai, MD
Clinical Associate Professor

Michel Kliot, MD
Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery

Did you know? In addition to providing care at Stanford, our team of experts also offers neurospine care across multiple locations, including at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center and the Veteran's Affairs Palo Alto Health Care System. 

Conditions and Treatments

At Stanford, our patients have access to treatments that can now be done with minimally invasive approaches, leading to faster recovery and less discomfort. 

Minimally Invasive and Robotic Spine Surgery

Stanford patients now have access to minimally-invasive spine surgery (MISS) treatments, pioneered at Stanford, for a variety of procedures, including fixing spinal deformities, treating traumatic fractures, and removing tumors. 

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Spinal Deformity and Scoliosis

Our surgeons provide surgical options to treat spinal deformity and scoliosis.

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Spinal Oncology and Tumors

Our Spinal Tumors Clinic offers you a large team of specialists with extensive experience in treating intramedullary tumors.

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Peripheral Nerve Surgery

We use the latest diagnostic techniques and surgical strategies to restore function and minimize pain for patients with peripheral nerve disorders. 

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Neurological Spine Disorders Clinic

The Stanford Neurological Spine Disorders Clinic provides comprehensive spine care and neurosurgery to treat spinal trauma, disease and deformity in adults and children.

Patient Story

Advanced Neurospine Surgery: Jinny's Story

Adult-onset scoliosis, combined with lumbar vertebrae deteriorated by age and pressure from the altered curve of her spine, radically altered Jinny Fruin's posture. Fruin was treated by Stanford neurosurgeon, Dr. John Ratliff, and regained a pain-free life.