Administrative Staff Contacts

Elisabeth Einaudi

Director of Finance & Administration
Beckman Center, Room B105B
(650) 723-9202
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Karen Geiselhart

Research Administrator and
Administrative Associate to Dr. Kobilka

Beckman Center, Room B157
(650) 736-5423
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Cathy Booth

Lab and Facilities Manager
Beckman Center, Room B135
(650) 723-5855
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"Lulu" Maria Cervantes

Administrative Associate to Dr. Südhof
SIM1, Room G1021
(650) 721-1418
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Georgina Hodgson

Administrative Professional to Drs. Feng and Madison
Beckman Center, Room B111
(650) 723-8992
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Kevin Rusk

Associate Director of Finance & Administration
Beckman Center, Room B105A  
(650) 724-1156
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Schantae Wright

Student Services Officer
Beckman Center, Room B100A
(650) 725-7554
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Sara Johnson

Administrative Associate to Drs. Garcia, Maduke and O'Brien
Beckman Center, Room B155
(650) 725-7785
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Rachelle Riley

Administrative Associate to Drs. Goodman, Lewis and Skiniotis
Beckman Center, Room B111
(650) 725-4900
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Christine Reicker

Administrative Associate to Dr. Brunger
Clark Center, Room E300
(650) 736-1809
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