Conference Room Calendars

Please contact your lab administrator if you would like to schedule a meeting in one of these rooms.  People from outside of MCP please use this form to request a conference room.

Policies for Booking in B100 and B181:

  • Bookings are on a first come first serve basis. Departments outside MCP and Beckman Center may book only 2 weeks in advance, 4 hours maximum per session. No recurring meetings.
  • Booking requests need to state: Date, Time, # of attendees, Purpose, Contact Name, Phone and Email, and Provide a PTA and Approver (to charge if clean-up services are required).
  • Food is allowed, but all food must be cleaned, tables wiped and furniture returned to their original positions.
  • Reservations must be cancelled immediately if the requestors no longer need it.
  • Booking privileges will be withdrawn for repeat offenders.

 - B100 Calendar

 - B181 Calendar

Please be aware these calendars only show bookings up to 6 months in the future.

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