Our MCP Community

We foster a diverse community in which all individuals are welcomed, respected, and supported to achieve their full potential. Race, gender, and ethnicity are commonly cited as facets of diversity; we recognize additional aspects of experience and identity including culture, socioeconomic and educational background, sexual orientation, physical ability, hobbies, and interests. Among diversity’s dividends are the interactions among people with differing perspectives that allow us to reach greater levels of innovation in education, invention, and research.


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Please share your ideas for enhanced diversity, equity and inclusion here.


Science Knows No Borders: MCP members join us from all over the world

As a department, MCP commits to

  • A diverse roster of scientists for our annual MCP seminar series
  • Facilitating discussions on topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Deepening understanding of data-driven strategies to create inclusive classrooms, laboratories, and research programs

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