Department Overview


- Understand how cell signaling occurs and enables complex physiological function and response to the environment

- Conduct studies at every level of life, ranging from atoms and molecules, to macromolecular assemblies, to cells and cellular networks, to organ systems and entire organisms.

- Establish new paradigms in the biology of signaling and communication by practicing across multiple scientfifc disciplines including: structural biology, biophysics, cell biology and neuroscience



Focus on quantative, cutting edge methods, with continuous innovation

Engage in a highly collaborative, interdisciplinary environment

Foster a culture of excellence through mentoring and discovery

Connect to teach, learn and have fun

Scientists & Staff

- 14 Faculty drive MCP research. Our faculty includes 3 Nobel Laureates- from 3 different disciplines: Physics, Chemistry and Medicine or Physiology, demonstrating the interdisciplinary nature of MCP research

- Over 70 Postdoctoral Fellows come from all over the world to work with our faculty

- More than 30 MCP and other Bioscience Graduate Students choose MCP faculty as mentors

- Over 30 Research and Administrative Staff provide stable, professional support to the department