MCP Admissions FAQs

What is Stanford Biosciences?
Stanford Biosciences is a network of 14 PhD programs, including MCP. Students benefit from the flexibility and resources of this larger Biosciences umbrella while being supported and mentored within the tight knit community of MCP. 

Can I apply to multiple Bioscience programs at Stanford the same time?
Yes, you submit one one application and can select up to two programs. If you are interested in MCP, rank us first!

What impact does my rank order of programs have on the success of my application?
We prioritize applicants that list MCP first in departmental rankings on the application. If you are interested in MCP, rank us first!

Are application fee waivers granted or is the application fee refundable?
Please apply for a fee waiver if you need assistance:

The $125 application fee is not refundable.

“Fee waiver requests must be submitted 10 business days prior to the application deadline (Tuesday, December 5, 2023 at 11:59:59 pm PST), so please plan accordingly.

How much is the yearly stipend?
Students will receive $51, 600 ($12, 900 per quarter) 2023-24

Do you have a minimum GPA requirement?
No. Your coursework gets considered as part of your holistic application, along with other factors including letters of recommendation, statement of purpose, research experience, fit with our program, life circumstances.

Do you require the GRE?
No, we do not. Nor do we consider the GRE in our application review.

What does an admissions committee look for in applicants?
We review applications holistically in order to find applicants whose interests align with our program and who show strong potential for original and creative research.

What do you look for in letters of recommendation?
At least one letter should be from someone who can speak to your potential for original and creative research, i.e. a research mentor.

How long does it take to get a degree?
On average, 5-6 years.

How big is the MCP graduate program?
Our incoming class usually consists of 2-3 students.  We currently have 18 students in our program

What does the MCP graduate student community look like?
Check out our student blurbs:

Where can I find more details about the program structure and requirements?
Check out the MCP Handbook!