MCP Departures

Here are some tasks to complete before you transition to another role in MCP or depart.

Transitioning to another role in MCP?

30 days before you plan to make the change, or as soon as you know you will be taking a new job here:

  • Fill out the MCP job transition form here.


Departing MCP?

60-90 days before you plan to leave:

  • Notify your lab's administrative associate via email.

Last month:

  • Send email to your PI and SSO notifying them of your last day.
  • Work on a departure checklist with your lab manager. These differ by lab. Here is a sample checklist.

Last week:

  • Meet with your PI and lab manager, complete lab checklist.

Last day:

  • Return your badge and keys to Cathy Booth or your Administrative Associate.