MCP Guidelines for Travel and Business Meals

Please review current Stanford COVID-19 Travel Guidelines before booking your trip.

MCP Department Guidelines

A business meal is a meal between 2 or more people which has a Stanford business purpose. Examples include taking a postdoc candidate out for lunch or meeting with a colleague from another institution during a meal to discuss research collaboration.

Requirements for reimbursement and/or Pcard use:

  • Must be approved by your PI
  • Provide a business purpose explanation: Was this a meal to discuss research collaboration? Lunch for a candidate? Tell us.
  • Provide a list of all meal attendees by name, including their affiliation.
  • Provide an itemized receipt.
  • Do not exceed totals of: $30/$55/$95 per person for breakfast/lunch/dinner. Alcohol will not be reimbursed by your PI in most cases, check with your PI for approval. (In special circumstances, such as meeting with a collaborator, AND with approval from the faculty member, dinner can reach the maximum of $100/person for the full meal.)

For Seminar or Faculty meal guidelines, please see your administrative professional.

Additional Information and Resources