Education & Training

Research Rigor and Reproducibility (R&R) are critical to the advancement of science. R&R is not only an initiative, but a requirement of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). SPORR aims to provide learning and development opportunities to Stanford faculty, staff, students, researchers, and scholars in all areas of R&R. In addition to building a library of useful resources to promote and implement R&R, we also offer educational opportunities in the form of formal coursework and training modules.


Just as quantitative methods or laboratory procedures are taught in graduate research programs, SPORR promotes the inclusion of R&R into formal coursework. While the NIH has initially focused on the requirement of such instruction in their sponsored T32 training programs, we promote these offerings to all graduate students, faculty, and staff. The featured courses were selected because they imbed R&R principles and methods over the course of the quarter of instruction.


In addition to courses, we host training opportunities to learn about the motivations in good R&R and how to use and implement relevant R&R tools in your research. These may be in the form of in person workshops or online webinars.