Mission, Strategy, and Value Statement


To maximize the scientific value of all research performed in the Stanford School of Medicine.


Our overall strategy is built in supporting the existing structures and procedures in our academic community. We will achieve our mission through a variety of information dissemination methods targeting Stanford School of Medicine students, staff, and faculty, including:

  • Teaching (formal coursework)
  • Training (hosting workshops/tutorials in using R&R tools and methods) 
  • Building a library of external resources
  • Collaboration and internal information sharing
  • Consultation and support services

In addition, we aim to build systems to promote R&R in your everyday research workflow through:

  • Monitoring & accountability
  • Incentives 
  • Culture change



Scientific integrity is a fundamental value upon which the University is founded and is an integral part of the research enterprise. It is our collective ethical and scientific obligation to integrate R&R to maintain the integrity of research in order to advance knowledge.