Implementation and Support Services

SPORR is committed to supporting a culture of research rigor and reproducibility (R&R) at Stanford. To achieve this, SPORR is dedicated to providing consultations and has compiled the most relevant and useful R&R resources for the Stanford School of Medicine research community.


SPORR offers a variety of consultation services for Stanford researchers. We consult research teams (principal investigators, analysts, and other members) in devising appropriate data management and analysis plans to provide assistance in communicating expectations that reflect proper R&R with research team members and external stakeholders (i.e., funding agencies).

Consultation services include:

  1. help with T32 applications 
  2. review of research integrity and compliance related to your particular project
  3. drafting of standard operating procedures for research group management
  4. packaging of R&R documentation for external stakeholders
  5.  presentation to research team on research integrity
  6. data management and analysis planning, and
  7. notebook and raw data review.


SPORR has compiled a collection of both internal and external tutorials, templates, and "best practices" guidelines to aid in the conduct of R&R. These resources reflect what we have identified as R&R core competencies with attention to compliance with requirements outlined by major institutes and foundations. These resources were compiled with input from the Stanford research community and are intended to serve as a library from which your research team may select appropriate tools to structure and manage aspects of R&R relevant to your own research.