ReproducibiliTea is an international community of journal clubs dedicated to advancing Open Science and improving academic research culture. Each of the over 100 ReproducibiliTea Journal Clubs operates independently and selects articles and presentations to discuss that are most relevant to their membership.

The information on the Stanford ReproducibiliTea  and its events can be found here

Audience:  Graduate and postgraduate students, fellows

Clinical Research Observatory

The goal of this practicum is to 1) provide hands-on clinical research exposure to students and early career investigators and 2) organize ongoing clinical research operations as a “learning research system. During the practicum, participants will be exposed to clinical research activities across Stanford University (e.g., interaction with the IRB, clinical research planning).

Audience:  Faculty, staff, graduate and postgraduate students, fellows

Rigor and Reproducibility (R&R) Grand Rounds

Monthly grand rounds consist of R&R topics in basic and clinical sciences. The objective of grand rounds will be to 1) disseminate knowledge in R&R, 2) identify and teach best practices of R&R, and 3) integrate multiple disciplinary perspectives in lenses into the conversation. R&R grand rounds offers a unique opportunity to engage in the dynamic, rapidly-evolving conversation around reproducibility so that they may be leaders in efforts to increase reproducibility at Stanford University and beyond. R&R rounds will be recorded and available on the SPORR website.

Audience:  Faculty, staff, graduate and postgraduate students, fellows

Essentials of Clinical Research

Audience:  Faculty, staff, graduate and postgraduate students, fellows

Intensive Course in Clinical Research – ICCR

Audience:  Clinical investigators, senior residents, fellows, assistant professors, instructors